Rama V Relaunches @ Kuala Lumpur City Center, KL

1:14:00 PM

Believe it or not, Rama V has been around for over 2 decades. Now, it makes all the sense in the world to do a little refurbishment, perhaps a change of ambiance as well as offerings. Finally, after 22 years being in the business, they have done a massive revamp. 

I have not been to Rama V before this but from what I can tell here is that everything looks absolutely gorgeous. From the plating of the utensils to the interior decor and how clean it is, it felt impressive. The lounge chair used as well as the regular diner's chair were comfortable and I liked the fact that they have a key attention to detail. 

The opening launch was a great success, with many well-known people attending as well as a strong vibe of fun and joy. 

Tables were full and the crowd were buzzing. 

It is without said that food to me is the priority in which fortunately, they did not screw it up. Most of what I had were good while some were merely decent. Overall, a pretty promising menu.

To entertain us through the night, there were performances and Muai Thai? I don't know what that is called but hey, 2 person fighting surely was fun to watch.

Overall, I believe the relaunch of Rama V to be pretty successful and I wish them all the best in the future endeavors. 


No. 5 Jalan U-Thant, Kuala Lumpur

Operating hours: Daily 12pm - 3pm, 4.30pm - 11pm

Tel: 03-2143 2428

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