Sky360 Rooftop Ramadhan Buffet @ One City Mall, USJ21

3:33:00 PM

The festive season of Ramadhan is on its way, and you know what that means? FOOD! Yes, the love of food has brought us all together under one roof - that is the Sky360 Rooftop (no pun intended). So without further ado, let us see what have they got to offer!

Of course I had to start off with some cakes right? I mean, who wouldn't? Not only do they look stunning, they are well packed with flavour as well. Creamy, rich and undeniably luscious, these cakes are truly worth saving up your stomach for. 

Another one of my favourite starter item - mussels. They also have fresh prawns that were fairly large, mix in with a little cocktail sauce and enjoy the cholesterol within. 

A wide range of salad - for those who are planning to keep in shape. From the standard western starters to something a little more mediterranean, they have it all. Fresh vegetables or pre-mixed salad, they were absolutely delicious. There were also more than 8 different types of dressing available. 


Roast lamb anyone? Done with lovely herbs and a side of roasted vegetables and baby potatoes.

Some beef!

Roasted duck, roasted chicken and steamed chicken.

Briyani and some asam? 

Loved the freshly grilled fish. You can either take the already cooled version or go for the piping hot ones by the grill - I'm definitely all for the latter. Tender, succulent, sweet and crisp - lovely!

Even better? Grilled crabs! Packed full of flavour and flesh so tender, you'll wanna crack another piece.

Because what is life without desserts right?

Ice kacang too!

A small compilation of some of the available dishes. 

In a nutshell, they have over 27 different categories with almost, if not more than 100 different type of dishes. From the traditional Malay Platters such as Ulam and Pasembor, to continental delights such as Teppanyaki, pizza, and premix salad, they have it all. 

Well cooked in smaller portion to ensure quality and taste are maintained constantly while the refilling is fairly quick as well. Not to worry, there are enough for everyone. 

the Buka Selera Buffet by Sky360 is available from 6th June - 5th July 2016; from 7pm - 10.30pm every day. The price is RM128 per adult with a promo of Buy 10 Free 1. Children below 12 years old and senior citizen above 60 gets 50% off, while child below 3 years old eat for free. 

Reservations are available through phone 03-51150 9887 and email


Sky360, Level R (rooftop), e-City Hotel @ One City, Jalan USJ 21/5, 47650 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Operating hours (for Ramadhan buffet): Daily (6th June - 5th July), 7pm - 10.30pm.

Tel: 03-5115 9887


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