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Coming on to the fourth day of our trip and we planned on heading to Nami Island. I've never been here before but apparently, it is where one of the Korean drama was filmed. I do not know what significance it plays hey, worth the shot of visiting. 

This was right after our trip to Mount Bukhansan, where our legs were jelly and breath was heavy. Regardless, it was a holiday and well, everyone knows that the body will endure such pain and agony just for the sake of travelling. So without further ado, we packed our bags and left early in the morning. 

The first thing you'll need to know is the timing for the ITX train. You'll need to get to Cheongyanni Station and proceed over to the ITX machine. ITX is what people might call a bullet train, or something of that sort as it brings you directly to the station of Nami, where you'll need to take a bus and head towards the ferry dock. 

The ITX timing runs on a hourly basis, so pretty much there's only one train every hour with limited seats. However, if you do not mind standing for approximately 30 minutes, then you can opt for the Non-assigned seats. 

The fare costs KRW8000 per person and per trip. So a round trip would be KRW16,000 (RM58+/-). Unfortunately, we didn't know about the timing and also do not wish to wait for the next ITX, hence we took the standard train instead.

The standard train will take approximately 45minutes to an hour, and there's pretty much no chance you'll seat. Koreans are very good in snatching those damned seats, and the elderly do not budge either. So yeah, prepare to stand your way. 

Arrival at Gapyeong station. 

At this point, I think I should point out that once after our arrival, we bought a return train (ITX) straight back to Cheongyanni because we were afraid that the seats would sell out. That may be a slight mistake as I did regret what I've done, but then again, would never really know whether or not it truly was a mistake. 

Our arrival at Gapyeong was around 12-ish in the afternoon and we bought the return at 6.40pm. The problem is, we didn't know that Nami was that huge and we wanted to explore a whole lot more. Technically, we were only able to visit a few places, and had no choice but to forgo the rest due to time limitation. We also did not wish to burn the tickets, though it wasn't as pricey. 

Anyway, to those who plan on staying a bit longer, do not buy a return so quickly, or even if you do, buy one that is later at night. 

Another problem would be the fact that the entire thing works in a cycle. Upon arrival, there's an information counter for tourists right outside the station. There, you'll be given a map on how to get around Nami and its adjacent attractions. 

As the above photo shows, there is a station after Gapyeong that enables you to return home. Hence, you do not actually have to buy the return ticket at Gapyeong. But for the sake of being 'kiasu', we went for it. 

There were other places like Petite France, which we had to skip due to time restrictions as well. 

Once you're done with the information counter, head on down to the bus stop and wait for your bus. Mind you, they only come every hour. So the timing as to be accurate. 

Unfortunately for us, we missed it, and the worst part is we only missed it by 2 minutes or so. With no other options and time left, we went for the taxi instead. It costs us KRW4500 to get from where we were to the Rail Bike, which is about 10 minutes away by car. 

Arrival at the Rail Bike, where we were recruited by 2 other Malaysians in order to join forces in the 4 person cart. As the couples' route have already been sold out, we went with it as it does save quite a good amount of money. If I'm not mistaken, the price for the 2 of us was KRW17,500, which was pretty good I'll say. 

Apparently, there were also 2 different routes, which I'm not too sure about. Regardless, we went ahead!

The journey itself is said to be 7km long, but to be honest, it didn't feel as long as that. The journey, along with the weather and scenery, were absolutely amazing. Whether or not you cycle slowly, or quickly, the entire experience was memorable. 

A small tip, take the last cart if possible. It allows you to cycle as slow as you like without the people behind you pressuring to go faster. 

After a good 30 - 40 minutes run, we've arrived at the first pit stop. Unfortunately, it was also our last pitstop because we had to do a U-turn after this. 

The entire journey was capped at almost 2 hours. A relatively short time for something so amazing. Would have loved to go a little further and explore but that was it. For those who enjoy both cycling and overviewing a stunning scene, this is definitely worth going for. 

Next up, we took a free shuttle bus from the Rail Bike to the docks. The free shuttle bus ticket can be collected at the Korea Tourists Association office in KL, Malaysia. It enables you a day of free bus along with plenty of other coupons and vouchers. 

Entry Visa, a fairly fancy name for 2 piece of paper. For foreigners, you'll get a discount of KRW2000, making the price of the ticket to be only KRW8000 each. Do remember to show your passport. 

Look at the amount of humans here. Do not worry, even at this point, we were able to fit in the ferry, despite those China tourist pushing us back and such. Yes, they are ruthless, more so than the Koreans themselves. They will push you, or scoop you to the corner at every chance. If you are kind, let them pass, if not, do stand your ground. 

The ferry comes every 30 minutes, and the journey is about 10 minutes away. So yeah, they're gonna be going back and forth. For those who are a lot wealthier and too lazy to wait, you can opt for the flying fox zip line. It travels really quickly but it costs a massive KRW33,000 per person. The duration of which you'll be spending on air is less than a minute - I heard. But from the looks of things, everyone seemed to enjoy it very much. If you have such cash to spare, do it!

Touchdown, with plenty of tourists. 

The first thing I should mention is the fact that Nami Island is huge. It may not look like it in the map provided but yes, it is indeed huge. There are so many spots where one can take photos of, at the same time, enjoy the freshness of the air. I personally enjoyed this place very much, without the need of the Korea drama's influence. 

For those who aren't a fan of taking photos, then there might be nothing much for you. But for those who do, this place is simply amazing. 

Lamb sausage - KRW3000. Had to try it, they smell amazing. In fact, they tasted absolutely delicious too.

Pao - KRW1000. A soft bun with fillings inside. Simple but delicious.

Fish cake - KRW2500. Fairly good, but not recommended.

Sundubu Jjigae - KRW10,000. A decent meal with good amount of flavours, rice and side dishes. They are refillable so please, do go all out. 

Souvenir shop. Plenty of Nami Island's mascot and its merchandise for sale. Apparently, it's a snowman. I do not know why, but yeah. Cute. 

Customary ice cream as dessert - KRW2500.

After we were done with all that, we went on walking aimlessly, hoping to explore more of Nami Island. Hence, here is a compilation of photos around the area. 

That is all. There were several other more spots that we couldn't cover due to time restriction. But as far as it went, I was fairly happy with the result. I do wish we could've stayed like an hour or two more. 

The agonizing pain you get when you're so close to boarding the ferry, but the idiot decides to close on you. Allowing you to be the first of the next batch. Why!

It's all his fault. Look at that guilty face of his. 

It's time to leave. 

Took the bus 33-5 to return to Gapyeong Station. 

Our ITX tickets. 

Good bye Nami Island, good bye Gapyeong Station.

Seated ITX. The journey back was relatively quick - approximately 30 minutes. The train was both comfortable and clean, which was great!

Odd looking apartments. They're like stacks of stapler bullets piled upon each other. 

After Nami Island, we headed down to Konkuk University to visit John for dinner. He promised to bring us out for fried chicken and beer, two of which I adore. 

The station is Konkuk University and this vibrant street is located just a few blocks away. About a 5 minutes walk would have brought you here. If you're looking for food, then there's no better place than this. They have a variety of restaurants to choose from; bar, pubs, bbq places, dakgalbi, beer and chicken, steamboat and even street food. Pretty much anything related to food, you can find them here. 

*Nearest station: Konkuk University

I have no idea what this place is called as it is in Korean, but I would say one thing, it's definitely worth the visit. 

*update. The place is called Mattacco Chicken and it's located in Konkuk University Street. 

Starters of crackers and radish. You know what, the radish is fucking amazing. I went on and refilled for a total of 4 times, as they were absolutely addictive. It's sweet, sour and packed full of flavour. It's also crunchy, which gives it that lovely addictive sensation. Unfortunately, this appetizer is only found is most fried chicken restaurants. Regular Korean restaurant usually serve other appetizers. 

Since we can't speak Korean, John ordered two sets for us - Sweet Chilli and regular, both of them were deboned. I could simply toss the entire chicken in my mouth - which is highly recommended by the way. Not only were the flavours on point, the juiciness and texture of the fried chicken were superb! Hell, I could eat this all day. Served alongside a glass of beer and the world suddenly felt like a better place for a moment. 

The peace and serenity felt inside your mouth, where the taste of the chicken worked brilliantly with the refreshingly cold beer - perfect. 

Because we were greedy, we went for round 2. Yes, but instead of beer and chicken, we opted for something a little more....traditional.

Pork stew with soju! If there's any Korean food I miss more than the fried chicken, it would have to be this. The broth was rich and packed with a good depth of flavour. Alongside tender-soft pork knuckles that tasted absolutely divine. Until today, I could still remember the smell and taste of the stew. 

I do not know if this is the best around the area, but it certainly was good. There may be more authentic one elsewhere, but this was a lot better than I've expected. 

As for the soju, we went for the grapefruit flavour - which was surprisingly mild and sweet. I'd expect it to be a lot stronger but for some reason, it felt like a light and fizzy beverage. Still taste good with the stew though. 

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I could have this all day! The shop is located right across the beer and chicken restaurant, just another 2 minutes walk down the road. There's also a requirement in this restaurant that may be odd to us tourists, is the fact that you have to order two sets for 3 people, and not just 1. So do keep that in mind. 

Overall, it was a great day. I enjoyed Nami Island and the Rail Bike very much and I do wish to return. As for dinner at Konkuk University, lovely! In fact, I went back there another 2 times ahead!

Korea Day 4

9.30am - Left AirBnB to Cheongyanni Station
10.30am - Arrival at Cheongyanni Station
10.30am - Left to Gapyeong
11.30am - Arrival at Gapyeong
12pm - Left Gapyeong to Rail Bike
12.15pm - Arrival at Rail Bike
1.45pm - Left Rail Bike to Ferry Dock to Nami Island
2pm - Arrival at Ferry Dock to Nami Island
5pm - Left Nami Island to Gapyeong Station
5.30pm - Arrival at Gapyeong Station
6.40pm - Left Gapyeong with ITX 
7.30pm - Arrival at Konkuk University
10pm - Left Konkuk University back to AirBnB

*Disclaimer: All photos are taken with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge without any further editing.

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  1. Oh my god... amazing photos via samsung... I am headed to Korea next month and this is gonna be part of my bible... lol

    1. haha. i too was quite surprised at the image quality. was wondering if the s7edge could make the cut for a travel camera instead of bringing a bulky one!

  2. The way you describe the fried chicken bro - I MUST GO!

    1. AHAHAH. u too give face d. there got alot of food wan. all your favourite beer and wine spots are there.

  3. Hello, may I know if there is any difference in boarding the standard train or the ITX to get to Gapyeong? Is the travelling time longer if I take the standard train?

    1. Hello,

      Yes, regular train will take twice the time. I think around 50mins - an hour, while ITX is about 25mins.

  4. Hi. I would like to know, which stop the rail bike located at?

    1. Hello,

      Unfortunately I do not recall as I took a taxi directly there. If you're following the shuttle bus, they'll mention to you where it is. =D

  5. why so rude? It is not their faults if they snatched quickly on set and you did not able to rode the ferry on a the first batch. many were reading on your blog and addressing to someone as an "idiot"seriously?? where's the manners?

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