Carlsberg Smooth Draught - New Product Launch @ Carlsberg Factory, Shah Alam

2:26:00 AM

If you're the kind of person that enjoys a drink or two without trying to get drunk, Carlsberg latest's product might just be the right drink for you. Dubbed the "Carlsberg Smooth Draught", it is a great way to get fresh and tap-like features, all packed within a bottle. The drink is not only smooth and easy to drink, but has a nice carbonation that gives it that refreshing sensation. 

Carlsberg, because why not?

The Carlsberg team, 

Carlsberg Draught comes in only 1 size at the moment - 580ml bottle with a 4.8% alcoholic volume. It is also available in coffee shops, food courts, hawker centers, Chinese restaurants and selected supermarket. 

Not only did I enjoy the drink, I find that it pairs really well with a wide range of easily accessible snacks. 

Carlsberg Smooth Draught's bottle design too was designed to be a little more ergonomic and modern. It felt really good in hand and somehow subtly encouraged me to drink it by the bottle. 

I don't know where they find this guy, but his chicken wings was fucking amazing. Yes. It was good that I practically had 3-4 plates, each with about 4 wings (x2). Of course, Carlberg's latest Smooth Draught too helped by constantly refreshing my tastebuds, giving it a light palate and craving to have more!

The amazing crowd at an awesome party. Though a little hot, a cool beer goes a long way. 

Our table! It was a great party indeed, with awesome food and of course, amazing beer. So what are you waiting for? Head on to your nearest restaurant or supermarket and get one today. For more information, visit

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