Homemade Seafood Mee Sua under RM7!

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With the ever growing economy and inflation, there can never be enough money earned. Having said that, saving money by eating terribly isn't ideal as well. Which is why I've came up with a simple recipe that you can cook at home, for under RM7 (terms and conditions apply) using awesome frozen seafood. This is to help bring out the flavour and essence of the sea, without spending a fortune or having to eat outside.

This recipe is also perfect for the family, or perhaps one man living alone. So without further ado, let's get right to it. 

This is what mine looked like at the end. 

First and foremost, the seafood product that I'll be using for this recipe. 

Different type of seafood balls. You can choose what you like best but I went for 3 different types - squid, shrimp and octopus. 

I will also be using one crab thought it's entirely up to you. By taking the crab away from the equation, the dish will significantly drop in price too.

Shrimps - definitely.

Other ingredients includes vegetables, anything you like from bak choi to kai lan and of course, my pack of mee sua. You can go for any brand you see fit.

These are my rationing. It also includes a stock seaweed and mushroom stock cube. Of course, you're free to alter as you wish and I'll provide a detailed list of ingredients at the end of the post.

To start, you would want to separate the vegetables in two - the stalks and the leaves. However, don't throw the stalks away and instead, chop them up into small dices and cook with a touch of oil. Add salt to further remove additional water content of the stalks and enriching the flavours. This will be the first layer for your base broth.

Followed by the whole crab, get a good sear on the crab as colours means flavour. This is optional and if you choose not to have the crab, you can skip this step.

Prawns in and let it cook through. You'll know it's ready by the change of colour.

Once that is done, add in your stock and water, just enough to cover all the ingredients and perhaps a little more space for the mee sua noodles. As for the stock, you can choose whichever you like best - be it anchovies, seafood, chicken or vegetarian.

Mee sua in. You can opt for different noodles such as vermicelli, ramen or udon. It's entirely up to you. I found that mee sua worked best for me because I liked the texture of it. 

Much like vermicelli, it softens really quick. Remember to stir occasionally until the noodles are cooked through.

After 5-8 minutes, you should have something like this. The broth should be reduced to intensify the flavour, yet not too much as to dry out. 

Before I forget, add in the fishballs together with the noodles. I totally forgotten about it and I had to add more water just to cook it right. So do keep that in mind.

Just before serving, perhaps a minute or two, throw in your favourite vegetables. Note, different vegetables have different cooking time, so time them correctly. For a saver count, perhaps 3-5 minutes before serving, throw them in.

Voila! Add spring onions to finish. This concoction of seafood haven costs less than RM7 to make. It's simple and it takes less than 15 minutes including preparation. Not to mention that you can control the amount and types of ingredients used, which is great!


Nikudo Sotong Ball x1
Nikudo Prawn Ball x1
Nikudo Octopus Ball x1
Nikudo Prawns x3

Nikudo Soft Shell Crab x1 (optional)

Fresh pack of mee sua x1

Vegetable stock or seafood stock x1

Chinese Bak Choi or Kailan x1

Fresh Spring Onions 

Here's a short video of the recipe!

It's as simple as that! So why not give it a try today and treat your family and friends to some awesome seafood mee sua, brought to you by Nikudo Seafood!

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