San Terri Cottage @ Hartamas Shopping Center, KL

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If you're looking for a place that offers a wide variety of cakes around Hartamas area, then San Terri Cottage will fit right in. Situated at the central atrium of Hartamas Shopping Center, San Terri Cottage offers its customers a relaxing place with couches set right next to a railing. 

Look at all the cakes.

When you're at San Terri, there are several things to look out for. Firstly, it would be their high tea set. Served with custard pancakes, egg sandwich and pastry tarts on the top deck whilst the bottom has cakes and sandwiches. It also comes with a side of signature tea that only San Terri has to offer. 

Although the photo shows 7 different type of teas, there are currently 9 types available. Each with its own unique taste and flavour. My persnaolly favourite was the Peach Fruit Tea as I enjoyed it's acidity and mildly-sweet flavour. 

Everything on the plate is done quite nicely, with nothing being overly sweet. This serving of high-tea is just about right for two people, though 3 small eaters too can share.

As for their range of delicious cakes, the green tea is one of the best seller and no doubt is the signature of San Terri. It uses premium green tea powder (loads of them) and is done with a good balance of sweetness. The cake is also really fluffy and light, perfect for the elderly. 

For kids, you can opt for the signature chocolate cake which is made to be extremely moist and packed full of chocolatey goodness. Smooth, velvety and creamy, this slice of chocolate cake will make the kids go nuts over it!

There are also more than just the two signatures in San Terri. Cakes like black sesame, tiramisu, carrot and cheesecake too are available.

Not forgetting one of San Terri's unique selling point, swiss roll! It comes in 3 flavours - matcha, black sesame and chocolate. All three has similar consistency as the cake itself is fluffy and light, with just enough cream to give it that richness and depth. Cut a slice or two and serve for breakfast, it's as easy as that.

Last but not least, on festive seasons like Christmas, they too offer a pretty cute log cake, with plenty of Christmas-y decors. A perfect gift for those celebrating the occasion.

That is of course, San Terri Cottage's core identity - cakes and high tea. However, they too offer a variety of hot meals for those looking to get a hearty lunch. 

Starting with the sandwich. There are few options available, each with different filling and what not. What we have here is a ham sandwich, served with tomatoes, lettuce, buttered toasts and slices of ham. It may not be the fanciest of sandwiches, but it certainly does get the job done. It is also recommended to eat quickly before it cools. 

If you prefer something a little heartier, then opt for the range of breakfast item. There are currently 2 on the menu, one of which is the big breakfast (like the photos above). It comes with a delicious serving of homemade omelette packed with ham bits and tomatoes, chicken sausage, toasts, baked beans and a side of salad. Simple, hearty and absolutely healthy.

Next up, my favourite items on the menu - the salad. There are more than 5 variants available, each with the same base but with a different topping and dressing. Here we have ham, homemade tuna and egg, served with a generous spread of lettuce, red cabbage, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, and capsicum. 

Last but not least, if you enjoy a casual cup of coffee with no fancy art on it, then you might just want to try out San Terri Cottage's range of coffees. It may not be roasted to absolute perfection, nor was it slow dripped with patience but I can say, each cup is made with love and passion, and the taste is certainly there. 

Overall, everything was more than pleasant. I enjoyed the high-tea set along with its range of premium tea very much. Not forgetting some of their cakes and salad as well. The ambiance of the place to was more than pleasant, as the couches were very comfortable. Chatting with friends wasn't an issue and the free wifi certainly did make it a whole lot better. 


Hartamas Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 50480

Operating hours: Daily 10am-10pm

Tel: 016-2276428

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