Skillet at 163 @ Fraser Place, KL

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If you're looking for a fancy ass place to dine but you're on a budget, then Skillet at 163 is the perfect place to be. Technically, even if you're aren't on a budget, this place still packs a heck of a meal. So without further ado, let us see what they have in stores for us. 

An amazing dessert that I will leave it for last.

Lobster Cappuccino - RM52

This may sound odd, but the Lobster Cappuccino by Skillet at 163 was absolutely delicious. This simple yet stunning-looking plate of appetizer packs in a whole lot of flavour, especially from the lobster in the frothing of the broth. 

The black raviolo comes with a pineapple and cheese cream within, and finished with assam, mint and mint. The result tasted similar to what you'll get in an assam laksa due to the herbs. The combination of these two elements in one mouthful is undeniably awesome, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Wild Mushroom Penne - RM43

Next on the menu, we had an awesome plate of wild mushroom penne, where it's done with a rich and cream sauce along with shaved parmesan cheese, fresh wild mushroom and perfectly cooked, al-dante penne. 

The sauce itself was not only savoury, it had a rich depth of earthiness to the dish. The wild mushrooms of course, played a part in the sauce but at the same time, retaining their own natural flavours. The penne too was a great choice of pasta, as the sauce coats not only the outside, but insides of the penne as well. Giving each mouthful a burst of flavour.

In any case, this plate of penne was lickable as the sauce, along with everything else was divine. 

Pan-seared Norwegian Salmon - RM55

Followed by a gorgeous slab of salmon steak, pan-seared skin side down to crispy perfection, while the flesh remained succulent and moist. It was also paired with a side of saffron risotto, chili & kaffie lime emulsion and candied vegetables. 

Apart from its gorgeous looking presentation, the flavours worked in harmony. Loved the tinge of spiciness and freshness from the emulsion, along with the richness of the saffron risotto and finally, the crispy yet succulent piece of Norwegian salmon. Delicious, absolutely delicious. 

Signature Texture of Chcocolate (CNY Edition) - RM68

This is one of Skillet at 163's signature desserts, made with a Chinese New Year twist. A play on all 4 senses; sight, smell, taste and touch - something that I've yet to experienced. 

Beginning with sight, the presentation of this desserts looks absolutely beautiful. The play of colours, vibrancy and tools used for it was simply gorgeous. 

The next step of the process is to pour in the liquid nitrogen, allowing it to freeze the "popcorn" within.

Using the hammer provided, lightly knock on the sphere of the dessert, allowing the popcorn to burst out onto the plate, replicating the idea of a popcorn machine.

You'll get something like this. But wait. There's more!

Pour over the provided Citrus and Chocolate sauce, giving the dessert an added texture of creaminess and chewiness. 

And voila! Your dessert is now ready. Awfully a lot of steps, but was extremely fun to do and watch.

The taste too was simply amazing. The sweetness of the chocolate worked brilliantly with the zestiness of the citrus and of course, the incredibly range of texture as well. This plate of sweet concoction will certainly satisfy that sweet craving of yours. 

In conclusion, Skillet at 163 is definitely one of the better restaurants out there, offering a range of carefully crafted, delicious food. Everything I had was lickable, and by that I meant the plate itself. The presentation was great, flavour was amazing and of course, the experience itself is truly one of a kind. Not forgetting its attractive price points - where else in downtown KL can you can something like those?


Fraser's Place, Jalan Perak, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Operating hours: Monday - Saturday, 11.30am - 10pm

Tel: 03-2181 2426

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