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Waffles has been a popular dessert among many Malaysians in the recent months as there are quite a number of cafes in Klang Valley that offers their version of this sweet concoction. However, do you know that the original Belgian waffles is eaten as breakfast or snack? It is also meant to be savoury, replicating somewhat of a bread-like consistency. Where can you find these types of waffles in Malaysia? Well ETAL Waffles is here to help. 

ETAL Waffles is a simple, modern and cozy establishment that offers its consumers a heck of a good waffle. It is located in the not-so-populated area of Jaya One, right below The School along the same floor at the parking. 

Finding this place is fairly simple, as you'll just have to look out for a striking balance of black, white and yellow. 

Waffle menu

One of the secret to a deliciously crusty, Belgian waffle - Pearl Sugar from Belgium.

ETAL's homemade ice cream. More on that later.

The waffles that we ordered being prepared. Pretty fancy if you'd ask me. Each piece of waffle is made with all natural ingredients into a dough form. They also use natural yeast to perform the fermentation process, which gives the waffle that distinct flavour and body. 

They also use Pearl Sugar, real vanilla bean and molasses sugar to create the perfect Belgian waffle dough. 

ETAL's Belgian waffles is fairly standard across the range. The only difference would be the choices of toppings that comes with it. 


Beginning with the Seuss, a sweet concoction of delicious Belgian waffles, cream cheese, blueberry jam and crushed Oreos. Though it may be a little odd, the waffles tasted quite identical to bread. It is something that I've never tried in any other waffle place. Truly unique as the dough itself wasn't very dense nor light but a right balance in between. 

As for the toppings, the flavours worked and the combination itself wasn't overly sweet. Perhaps most of the sweetness was countered by the rich and creamy cream cheese. 

Tom and Jerry

Though this may look extremely simple, the flavours were rather complex. The flambeed cheese on top of the waffle gave it that richness and depth of flavour upon the already delicious waffle. Topped with a sprinkle of spices, this innocent looking waffle packs a punch of flavour within.


And last but not least, a Japanese fusion of takoyaki and waffles - named Murakami. This delicious combination of Belgian waffles topped with bonito flakes, takoyaki sauce and spices certainly was quite addictive. If you enjoy takoyaki, then you'll definitely love this. It was also my personal favourite among all three flavours. 

Signature Homemade Ice Cream

Apart from waffles, ETAL also offers delicious homemade ice cream, with over 9 flavours and some unique specials of the month. Believe it or not (though it actually is quite possible), ETAL has yet to launch its salted egg yolk ice cream, which may sound odd but hey, someone else did a nasi lemak ice cream too.

The flavour of that particular ice cream can be said to be an acquired taste. Not everyone will like it, but neither would everyone hate it. I personally quite enjoyed it, even though the first bite was honestly odd. It gets better and more addictive overtime. 

Other flavours includes premium matcha, an extremely flavourful black sesame and of course, D24 durian ice cream. If you love either black sesame or matcha ice cream, then you'll have to try these. As for the durian, the batch this time wasn't as flavourful so I wouldn't recommend it as much. 

All and all, ETAL's range of waffles were absolutely delicious. They may not all be delectable to you or everyone else, but there is certainly a flavour for everyone. If you enjoy a good dose of waffles, then head on down to ETAL for a great one! 


Unit 041, Level P1, The School, Jaya One, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs - Sun : 12pm - 9pm

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