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Saburo Japanese Restaurant is one of the latest Japanese establishment located in Taman Segambut offering a wide variety of affordable Japanese dishes. Items such as ramen and yakitori are some of their specialty, alongside dons, bento, and assorted side dishes. The location of the place isn't exactly easy to find, so using Google Maps or Waze would be ideal.

Outdoor seating and entrance of Saburo Japanese Restaurant.

The interior of Saburo Japanese Restaurant is relatively simple as wooden tables and chairs are placed throughout the restaurant. There is also a bar section for a quicker access to food. Japanese sake are also available here as well in order to compliment the rich and savoury edge of those delicious yakitori. 

Gyoza - RM8.90

Beginning with a starter of Gyoza. Generous filling of pork minced and chives, beautifully wrapped in a homemade dumpling skin, and pan-seared to a perfect consistency. You'll be surprised as everything here is handmade, except the soy sauce. 

Buta Kimchi - RM14.90

Followed by a hot plate of spicy-sour pork kimchi, served with chopped spring onions, beansprout and a whole egg in the middle. Cooked to tender perfection, each piece of juicy chicken thigh chunks are well coated with all that kimchi glory, alongside the richness of the yolk and freshness of the spring onions. Lovely!

Butabara Don - RM11

For those who opt for something a little more filling, why not try out their Butabara Don? It's pretty much like the Buta Kimchi but with sweet sauce and rice instead. The dish is extremely savoury and a good hint of garlic can be tasted throughout. The egg, like the Buta Kimchi, adds richness to the dish. Served on a bed of warm fluffy Japanese rice.

Black Garlic Ramen - RM17

As I've mentioned earlier, Saburo Japanese Restaurant focuses a lot of their efforts into creating a scrumptious bowl of ramen. The Black Garlic Ramen, which is done with homemade black garlic sauce and broth boiled over 8-10 hours, served with juicy char siew slices and soft-boiled egg, is absolutely delicious. Though it's not in a way where the flavours are really empowering but more of a gentle balance between flavour and purity. 

The ramen, despite the dark and murky colours, is incredibly light as well. Noodles are cooked perfectly, no MSG and everything is made from scratch. Definitely worth the try! 

Nikumiso Ramen - RM19

For those who enjoy something a little spicier, do try out their Nikumiso Ramen, where the broth is made from pork and fish bones, finished with a scoop of spicy-sweet chili paste. Served with two slices of deliciously juicy char siew, seaweed and a soft-boiled egg. Simple, spicy and absolutely delicious.

In conclusion, Saburo is the perfect neighbourhood Japanese restaurant that offers a good variety of dishes. Apart from what I had that day, personal bbq (yakitori) are also available and that my friend, goes really well with a bottle of sake. However, it is only available from 6pm onwards till late night, which make sense cause who on Earth takes bbq for lunch?

Overall, the prices are really reasonable (as seen above) while the quality of food will definitely not let you down. Great place to chill and relax after a hard day's work.


E-08 No.1, M Avenue, Jalan 1/38A, Taman Segambut Bahagia, Segambut, Kuala Lumpur.

Operating hours: Daily 12pm - 11pm

Te: 03-6242 1948


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