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It's been awhile since I last blog about Malaysian food, after all, I was in Sydney for 3 weeks. I'll write more about the experience on that later when I have the time. For now, here is possibly one of the best restaurant to have porridge and crabs - at the same time.

Known as Leong's Kitchenette, this humble restaurant is located at USJ21, right next to Main Place and behind 2 rows behind AMPM Cafe. The decor itself is nothing much to shout about but the size of the tables are really generous. They're huge to say the least, and definitely works when plenty of food arrives.

Leong's Kitchenette is also famous for their fried porridge. No, it's not as literal but you'll see what I mean.

The entrance. 

Ice Lime Jelly - RM3

This is a must order. It had a good balance between the sweet and sour which made it incredibly refreshing. The added jelly was really thoughtful as the size of each strand of jelly was able to be sucked up by the straw. Loved the drink! 

Mackerel Fried Porridge - RM10.50

Abalone Slice Fried Porridge - RM12

Salted Egg / Century Egg Fried Porridge - RM6.50 / RM7

Minced Meat Fried Porridge - RM6.50

As I've said earlier, Leong's Kitchenette is famous for their fried porridge. They're not exactly fried to begin with, but the ingredients used are stir fried for a brief moment before adding the porridge. 

Among the 4 porridge that I've tried, I liked the Mackerel Fried Porridge best. It had a nice pleasant fishy taste, along with a rich seafood-like essence. The additional strips of fried egg, sesame seed oil, finely chopped ginger, preserved vegetables and fresh spring onions gave it that body and depth of flavour that it had. 

Not to mention the porridge being cooked to a perfect consistency, or at least a consistency that I enjoy. Smooth and absolutely delicious.

The same principal can be applied to all 4 of what I've had, it's just the difference in ingredients that changes minor taste and texture. The base however, are all the same. Definitely worth trying it out!

Squid (Assam Flavour) - RM16/RM22 (small/large)

This large plate of assam squid was not only cooked to tender perfection, but the sauce that it was accompanied with was absolutely addictive. It tasted even better when mixed with some white rice. It had a nice balance of sweet, spicy and savoury, where the squid soaks the suace beautifully. The French beans used too were cooked perfectly. Loved the sauce and absolutely loved the tenderness of the squid as well. 

French Beans - RM10/RM14 (small/large)

This was probably one of the best tasting French Beans I've had in many Chinese restaurant. Cooked with salted egg and some curry leaves, the flavours were really amazing and worked brilliantly with rice. The saltiness of the egg really comes through upon chewing followed by a hint of curry leaves. The sweet and salty aroma made everything better as well. This comes highly recommended!

Pumpkin Beancurd with Prawns

Due to my bias-ness against pumpkin, I wasn't too fond of this dish. The beancurd and prawns were no doubt cooked beautifully, it's just the sauce that I'm not quite keen on. If anything, I would say it's pretty average for my liking. But for those who loves pumpkin, I think this dish will do just fine.

Salted Fried Chicken Wings

The salted fried chicken wings were simply lovely. Skin was fried to golden and crispy perfection, where it had a nice saltiness to it. The flesh remained moist and juicy despite the deep frying which was a joy to have. Though I find the salad to be highly unnecessary, the salted fried chicken wings comes highly recommended! 

Watercress Soup - RM6

I love soup, especially when it comes to something so glistering and shiny (I meant the oil layer on top). The watercress soup was done quite nicely, where it has a rich depth of flavour along with the essence of watercress. The sweetness from the dates and wolfberries really came through while the chicken gave it that body. Lovely. 

Claypot Curry Fish Head - RM22

This is probably one of the cheapest curry fish head that I've seen in a long time. Served beautifully in a claypot, it comes with a variety of vegetables and of course, a large fish head. The curry was nicely balanced (good use of spices) but it was a tad bit oily. Apart from that, I really enjoyed it. 

Salt-Baked Crabs - RM85/KG (on-going promotion now RM65/KG)

Here is the star of the day, Salt-baked crabs. 3 kilos of heavenly beings, steamed and seasoned to perfection. The crabs were really fresh as the shell can be broken with my bare hands. It's also incredibly easy to eat as the meat comes off in one piece. The saltiness could be tasted even within the flesh itself, which could only mean that it was baked correctly. Simple, juicy and absolutely delicious, it's a crab I will not hesitate on ordering. 

Butter Crabs 

Similar to the previous one but done with butter sauce instead. It had a strong presence of curry leaves along with several other spices that made it really addictive. Licking the shell simply wasn't enough. Fortunately, there are deep fried mantao for us to savor, together with the butter sauce. 

Deep Fried Mantao with Butter Sauce

Now this is amazing. A simple, round-shaped beauty fried to golden perfection where the it remains moist and fluffy on the inside and crisp on the outside. The butter sauce too, like the crab was really addictive. It's rich, creamy, incredibly well-seasoned and undeniably good - I literally drank this on its own. 

Beancurd Barley Dessert - RM2.70

To finish, I had a bowl of cold beancurd barley dessert. Light and sweet, it's one of the ways to end a heavy meal as it cools you down. Everything was kinda blended, which means that I could hardly chew on anything aside from the barley. Apart from that, it was pretty decent. 

In conclusion, Leong's Kitchenette has more than meets the eye. Do not be fooled by its humble and simple set-up but be wow-ed by the array of amazing dishes. Prices too are really reasonable as most of them falls under the RM20 bracket. You could get a full meal with less than RM30. 

Each element or dish was nicely crafted and cooked beautifully. Seasoning was clearly one of their forte as well. Personally, I enjoyed the fried porridge, salted egg french beans, salted fried chicken and salt-baked crabs - they were simply delicious. 


Leong's Kitchenette
5-1, Jalan USJ 21/7
47620 Subang Jaya

Operating hours: 

Monday to Friday: 11am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-10pm
Saturday to Sunday: 12.00pm-2.30pm, 5.30pm-10.00pm                         
Closed on last Wednesday & Thursday of the month

Tel: 012-662 6389 / 012-255 5302

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