Einstein Cafe @ Jalan Sultan

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I've previously written about #PopUpDiningKL here PopUpDiningKL, where the event was held at Einstein Cafe. Hence, here is a review of Einstein Cafe itself. 

Located along the streets of Jalan Sultan, at one end of the junction of Petaling Street, lies Einstein Cafe on the upper floor. From the facade, the signage isn't the most obvious, but with a closer look, I was able to see it. 

The cafe itself was quite beautifully done. Where the previous owner had spent countless amount of hours designing the place and even getting his hands dirty by doing some of it all by himself. Now that is a person I respect - a passion for what he does. Anyway, Einstein Cafe is rather cozy, where the air-con is set at just the right temperature and the layout isn't very cramp. In fact, it felt really spacious. 

The indoor signage.

That's the interior of the place. Fairly simple and quite nicely done. 

Salad - RM10

We started off with a standard serving of salad made with lettuce, purple cabbage, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, the trio of vegetables and finished with roasted sesame dressing and fine nuts. Nothing much to shout about and was fairly decent. 

Salmon Steak

Beautifully seared and seasoned to perfection. Sprinkled with some lime juice and the flavours were simply delicious. Light, fragrant and flaky, the salmon was fresh and plump, making it pleasant and enjoyable. Loved the portion of the fish but not so much on the salad as it lacked dressing. 

OMG Burger - RM15

In all fairness, chicken burger is something that I will try to stay away from, typically because of past experience. However, the flavours of the OMG Burger simply caught me by surprise. The patty was basically chicken thighs marinated with their signature OMG sauce which resulted it being juicy, tender and flavourful. Liked the simplicity of the burger and how moist it was. Absolutely delicious. 

OMG Chicken - RM15

Similar to the OMG Burger but is done with fried chicken instead. With the OMG sauce infused within the crust of the chicken, the flavours were well received. Chicken was fried rather tenderly and most of its natural juices still retained. The only thing lacking as some sauce for the fries. Overall, pretty good. 

Tau Fu Fa Cheesecake

Simple, straight-forward and delicious. The Tau Fu Fa cheesecake had a nice balance in which it wasn't too rich nor bland. The texture of the cake itself was very jelly-like, which was quite enjoyable. It also comes with a side of ginger syrup.

Overall, the food at Einstein Cafe was fairly good. It wasn't the best dish among its category but it certainly is worth for its price. The place is really cozy and they do serve pretty good coffee. I especially loved the Rooibos Tea which had a dark and rich flavour as it's quite hard to find in any other cafes. 


Einstein Cafe,
58, Jalan Sultan, 
50000 Kuala Lumpur,
 Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, 

Operating hours: 10.30am-9.30pm

Tel: 012-683 0710

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