Edo Ramen @ Midvalley (Non Halal)

8:00:00 AM

Previously known as Goku Raku Ramen, has been re-branded into Edo Ramen. Same location, almost the same design inside out; only with a different signboard.

Whats the difference between Goku Raku and Edo you ask? Simple. Edo Ramen serves a slightly more affordable ramen to its consumers. Gone are those which costs RM25.00++ for 1 bowl. The price starts from RM9.90 each!

Ultimate Tonkotsu - RM15.90 (R) / RM17.90 (L)
Tonkotsu Ramen - RM9.90 (R) / RM11.90 (L)

One of the most important aspect of a ramen, its broth. Here, you'll find rich, savoury pork broth that has been simmering for at least 7 hours. Slices of braised pork belly, kakuni, egg, corn, bak choi, fish-cake and a slice of seaweed to compliment the ramen. Noodles were pretty good. Smooth, springy and consistent.

The Kakuni is something worth mentioning as well. Its soft, tender and literally melts in your mouth. 

The difference between the Ultimate and the non-ultimate is the additional side dishes such as the seaweed, egg, fish cake and of course, the Kakuni. 

Ultimate Black - RM17.90 (R) / RM19.90 (L)
Black Ramen - RM11.90 (R) / RM13.90 (L)

Classic pork bone broth with Japanese fish powder and fragrant garlic oil, served with side dishes. Unfortunately though, I did not try this. It looks amazing and that is why I took a photo of it. Apparently it did taste pretty good. 

Ultimate Gyukotsu - *RM15.90 (R) / *RM17.90 (L)
Gyukotsu Ramen - *RM9.90 (R) / *RM11.90 (L)

*Discounted pricing. Original price to add RM2 each.

This bowl of beef ramen is their latest addition to the family. Something new, since almost every ramen shop have been using pork and chicken, beef would be nice. In fact, it was pretty good. A strong depth of beef essence can be tasted from the broth. A little bit oily as compared to most ramen but I'm fine with that. Served with sliced beef and stir-fried beef as well.

Boiled Gyoza - RM4.90 / a plate of 3

A serving of Japanese dumplings with sesame seeds, chopped spring onions and chilli oil. 

Aburi Char Siew - RM11.90

Slices of char siew, grilled and served with condiments. I would love it if they had more fat it in - that helps to keep the char siew moist. Although most would agree that the 30% layer of fat is sufficient. 

In conclusion, Edo Ramen has definitely lowered their price, at least by 2 folds. Quality and taste remains pretty much the same as before with a slight improvement on flavour. To compare, visit http://www.findingfats.com/2014/03/goku-raku-ramen-non-halal-midvalley.html


Lot S025 & Lot S026,
 Level 2, 
Mid Valley Megamall, 
Kuala Lumpur

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