The Ganga Cafe @ Taman Bukit Pantai, Bangsar

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Its been quite some time since I last had really good Indian food. Located not so far off Bangsar Village 2, lies a humble vegetarian Indian cafe which serves delicious, fresh and bursting with flavour-kinda food.

Some of the dishes we had that night.

Ganga Tea Crush, Pranic Juice, The Lassi Family & Lemonade - RM7 each

We started off with some really interesting drinks; the Ganga Tea Crush and the Pranic Juice. The Ganga Tea Crush is a refreshing blend of mint, lemon, lime and ice tea. The reason behind the darkish-green colour was because they use plenty of fresh mint leaves. And I do mean, plenty. 

What really was interesting was the Pranic Juice. Using a combination of spices, herbs and mint leaves, they were able to create something quite remarkable. It was spicy, minty, and quite deadly to my bowels. I guarantee the effect of detoxification after 1 cup. 

Stuff Fried Chili - RM 3.50 per piece 

The above shows exactly 1 piece of stuffed chili. Interesting combination with remarkable layers of texture and flavour. It is basically coated with spiced mashed potatoes and dipped in a batter of chick peas and fried, topped with yoghurt, mint and coriander leaves. 

Aloo Tikki (Potato Cake) - RM2

Flavourful and moist potato cake with a crispy crust served with chili sauce. A must-try for any potato lover.

Vada Pav - RM5

A really weird looking burger at first sight. Initially, I thought it was some kind of mushroom burger but it turned out to be chutney. Simple, moist, flavourful and absolutely delicious. Not to mention cheap as well. 

Chana Bhatura - RM8 

A simple serving of "bloated Chapati", yoghurt, chickpeas curry and fresh onion. The reason I call it a "bloated Chapati" is because they actually use heat to puff the Bhatura.

Something like this. The Bhatura served was crispy, hot and moist on the inside. Nothing too fancy but a simple dish well executed. The chana (chickepeas) curry was rich, savoury and full of flavour. Something that I look forward when I return to the Ganga Cafe. The yoghurt is homemade as well. So everything is fresh and controlled. Definitely worth the price. 

Radish Paratha Set - RM6

Similar to the Chana Bhatura but served differently. The Radish Paratha is basically an alternate choice to the "bloated chapati". Served with Potato vege on the side. 

Pav Bhaji Set - RM8

Another one of my favourites. a vegetarian-curry-burger as I would call it. Served with Bhaji which is a mixture of vegetables, tomatoes, cauliflower, capsicum, green peas and potatoes. The result is a heavenly dish so flavourful that any simple bread would suffice. 

Masala Pappad - RM2

Crispy and warm pappad served with chopped tomatoes, capsicum, onions, coriander and some chili padi. If unfortunate, you might bite on to one of those. An interesting appetizer indeed.

Ayurvedic Chapatti - RM2 each

The Ayurvedic Chapatti is possibly one of the healthier option as it is made from various grains. Served with curry. 

 In conclusion, I would say the food served at the Ganga Cafe was really good. I will not hesitate to return again. Everything was fresh, flavourful and absolutely delicious. Not doubt about it. There were some which I prefer one over the other. nevertheless, even the less desired one was pretty good. I highly recommend the Pav Bhaji Set (RM8), Chana Bhatura (RM8) and Vada Pav (RM5). 

Price wise, I believe its pretty straight forward. Everything was below RM10 and I would say its pretty darn cheap.

The Ganga Cafe also offers 'ALL YOU CAN EAT' on Sundays, 10am to 3pm. It features 5 starters, 6 types of Dahls and vegetables (3/3 depending), rice, Masala Tea, Bru Coffee, Salad Papadom and soup (changes every weekend) for only RM16


No.19, Lorong Kurau, 
Taman Bukit Pantai, 
59100 Kuala Lumpur, 
Wilayah Persekutuan.

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