Guinness Amplify @ The Laundry Bar

11:49:00 AM

Just almost a week ago, Guinness Amplify : Music Made of More was revealed in The Laundry Bar @ eCurve. The Guinness Amplify is basically a new music platform which is about recognizing and celebrating musicians who are 'Made of More'. Talented, dedicated and passionate local artists who have put in all their effort into creating music will shall be recognized through the Guinness Amplify Platform.

Just some shots around the Laundry Bar.

Set up stage for the evening's act!

A short interview with the Marketing Director of GAB.

The Guinness Team Malaysia

Paperplane Pursuit & Darren Ashley Live show!

For 6 weeks, Guinness Amplify : Music Made of More will feature 6 talented and incredible live shows in locations across Peninsular Malaysia. Details of a special grand finale show featuring an international star will also be revealed soon! Admission if free for the 6 shows under the Guinness Amplify Live Tour and on a first-come, first served basis. Special promotion on Guinness will also be held throughout the night!

The first act from the Guinness Amplify : Music Made of More line-up will be held on Saturday, 6th of September at The Bee, Publika. Starring the much loved singer-songwriter Howie Day, known for his smash hits Collide, She Says and many more. Howie will be accompanied on stage by local music artist "Kyoto Protocol" and "Paperplane Pursuit" (as seen above).

More acts can be seen from the image above or you can simply log on to for more details! Of course, the KL Live exclusive international finale show has not been revealed so far, so stay tuned to find out who's up and performing!

Last but not least, lets not forget the food they served us at The Laundry Bar. Ranging from Mozzarella balls, chicken wings, lasagna, cream-sauced chicken, fried calamari, fish and not forgetting, freshly brewed Guinness! An awesome meal for an awesome night indeed. 

One of my favourite shot from the Guinness Amplify : Music Made of More event at The Laundry Bar!

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