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Ever wonder what is it like to be in Macau, trying out their local Macau Pork Bun signatures? Well, you don't exactly travel all the way there anymore. You can get an identical Macau Pork Bun here at Tai Lei Loi Kei with a reasonable price.

The main entrance.

A very well lit and cozy interior with the help of the cove lights

Payment counter

Signature Pork Chop Bun - RM12.90

Its a fairly simple dish; just a large piece of pork chop accompanied by a couple of baguette-like buns. The pork chop was amazingly tender and juicy. Not forgetting the thickness of the pork chop which really helped providing me with a sensational biting experience. Furthermore, the flavour was also a little overwhelming, in a good way, with the help of proper marination. In conclusion, the pork chop was really good.

The only thing which I dislike was the bun. It was hard and dry. 

Polo Pork Chop Bun - RM12.90

Similar to the Signature Pork Chop Bun but with a different bun (this sentence has too many B's). Anyway, there Polo bun was a vast improvement over the Signature's bun. It was softer, lighter, fluffier and even sweeter, which I personally find complimenting the salty, savoury taste of the pork chop.

"Sei Dai Tin Wong" or The 4 Gods of the World - RM17.70 (due to add ons)

Tai Lei Loi Kei also allows additional add ons to their conventional pork chop bun. In this combination of ham, eggs and cheese, the results were pretty intense. This was personally my favourite that afternoon. Great flavour, great texture and a great play with layers.

Pork Chop Bouncing Noodles - RM12.90 ++ (Add ons)

Yes, you might be wondering, where is the pork chop? Well, it was on another plate and I forgot to take a photo of that. But no worries, the pork chop is the exact same one they used on the pork chop buns. 

Not exactly sure why they call it "Bouncing Noodles", I would understand "Springy Noodles" but oh well. The noodles were really springy and chewy. It somehow has a much better texture compared to regular noodles served somewhere else. Perhaps because they use duck eggs during the making process. Even after leaving it there for quite some time, the noodles did not deteriorate in texture nor flavour. Quite the catch I would say.

Pork Chop Soup Noodles - RM12.90++ (Add Ons)

Same noodles used as the one above, with homemade broth. A simple, clean and delicious bowl of Chinese noodles. Broth had great flavour and clarity along with the amazing springy noodles, it was really good. 

Macau Curry Fish Ball - RM5.90

Famous in Hong Kong and Macau as a local street food. Cheap and delicious. The fish balls were pretty standard; bouncy and chewy. But I had a little issue with the curry. I mean, I do like it, it tasted alot like Japanese curry; the sweet and starchy kind. However, there were some residue or curry-powder left. It felt grainy. If they were to smoothen it, it would be better.

Macau Chicken Wings - RM9.90

I've always been a fan of chicken wings, this was no exception. Tasted alot like the pork chop, perhaps they use the same type of marination. Crispy, tender and juicy. Nothing more, nothing less. Pretty decent. 

Supreme Chicken/Pork Chop with Rice and Egg - RM12.90

For rice lovers (like me), you can have the option of serving them out on a plate instead on in a bun or a bowl of noodles. The only issue I had was the rice. It was really dry, sandy and grainy. It looks okay but somehow it just felt wrong to me. Some were able to accept it but unfortunately, I can't. 

Fish Ball Curry Noodles - RM9.50

Two words, amazing curry. Loved the soup so much. It was rich, spicy and watery. Perfect for the springy noodles. With the addition of the tofu balls, it brings back so much memories. In conclusion, loved it. 

Saw Dust Cake (Chocolate & Original) - RM3.50

Finally, some dessert. I will divide this into two since I had both.

First, the chocolate. I really like the texture of the cream used here. It was moist, much like a tiramisu. Even the saw dust reminds me of it. However, I find the overuse of dust to be a little annoying. Every bite I take, I will inhale some saw dust through my throat and cough. This happens everytime unless I take it really slowly, without breathing and placing it on my tongue. 

The original flavour had similar problems with the saw dust, so I'm just gonna skip that. However, I do like the flavour more than the chocolate one. The original flavour is made from milk and cream, that is all. The only issue I had with this was the density of the cream. It was harder than Kryptonite. I can't use a plastic spoon and instead, I have to use a regular metal spoon to scoop it up. However, after leaving it there for like 15-20 minutes, it got better. It was much smoother and easier to eat. 

So in conclusion, I liked the texture of the Chocolate but the flavour of the Original. 

Finally, I would say that my experience here was pretty good. They had some awesome dishes which I really liked and some which I don't. I guess that is pretty normal in a restaurant. I would return again for their Polo Pork Chop Bun as reasons stated above. The price were pretty stagnant at RM12.90 for some reason and I find it affordable. Good for a quick lunch bite or tea. 

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4A, Jalan USJ 10/1J,
Top Speed Business Centre,
USJ Taipan,
47670 Subang Jaya.

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  1. My only concern is if it's going to last. The branch that I went always don't have a lot of diners...hence I'm afraid it will close down if business is no good.

  2. 'Sei Dai Tin Wong' - good choice of word. Hahaha ...