Yuu-jo Japanese Fusion Restaurant @ Mont Kiara

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Hello again! After days of not updating and right after the day I was sick, it is time to do some updating! This time, a surprisingly unique Japanese Fusion Restaurant. Located right next to Garden's International School (few hundred meters away). Both the restaurant's interior and exterior design looks comforting, contemporary and subtle. It wasn't that easy to spot but we found it nevertheless.

The entrance, right next to 7-11.

Part of the decor and I love this picture. Sad thing was it is slightly blurred.

Gyu Tataki - RM20.80 (Full portion) / RM12.80 (Half portion)

 Our first dish, Gyu Tataki. The beef was lightly seared, marinated and thinly sliced served on the plate with some Enoki and Shimeji mushrooms, shredded carrot and cucumber. The result was a intense and awesomely flavoured beef, interesting texture and aroma. 

Salmon Carpaccio - RM14.80

Thick slices of fresh Salmon, served with sauce, slices of radish and lady's finger. The amazing texture, flavour and juiciness when you place it in your mouth. Pure mouthgasm.

Seafood Tempura - RM11.80

As simple as it may look, it was actually pretty good. Especially the Ooba Leaf. It was crispy, crunchy, flavourful and fresh inside out. 

Tori Nanban - RM7.80

Not the most appetizing at first sight but really packs some flavour after trying one. The chicken was a little on the salty side but with the help of some in-house Tartar sauce, it balances quite well. Not forgetting the juicy and tender meat the chicken has to offer.

Salmon Plate - RM20.80

Freshly salmon pan-seared with fried garlic slices and sauce, udon fries and cooked vegetables. Yes, Udon Fries. Cutlets of udon noodles battered and fried, recreating the conventional french-fries into something really unique. The taste was surprisingly good as well. Last but not least, the salmon was perfectly cooked as well.

Beef Steak Wasabi with Teriyaki Sauce - RM20.80

I would say that this was my favourite. The amazingly soft, tender, juicy and bloody taste of the steak along side with the additional wasabi marination gave that little kick I liked topped with some teriyaki sauce to soothe the whole thing over. Really awesome.

Niku Curry Rice 

A large portion of rice served with glorious Japanese styled curry, sweet marinated beef and salad. The curry had a really nice and sweet flavour to it; felt a lot like a tomato-based curry to me. The marinated beef was also sweet as it gave added texture to a mouthful. Last but not least, the rice; fluffy and warm, a perfect compliment to both the beef and curry!

Seafood Risotto 

Rice, edamame, corn, some pulled crabstick and egg was not the main factor which made this bowl of risotto interesting. It was the Ebiko. However, the risotto only tasted good initially but it tend to get too sour for me throughout the end.

Neba Neba Cold Udon - RM16.80

This, I believe, was the weirdest yet the most unique dish we were served. Everyone agreed that this dish was either you love it or hate it. I really liked it initially but as I went further, the sliminess and the horrible smell of the Nato started to disgust me. The entire experience allows me to feel as if I was eating live worms. But that is what I felt. Some of them actually liked it as they proceeded. 

Overall, I felt that the restaurant was pretty good and unique. The portion to price ratio for the food were affordable as well. Not to mention the quality, taste and detail behind every serving. The ambiance of the restaurant was pretty cozy; comfortable with not overly bright LED spotlights but with warm, exposed lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling. The use of timber, bamboo and really interesting wallpapers helped in creating such a atmosphere. 


B1-B3 Kiara Walk,
Kiara Designer Suites.
No 18, Jalan Kiara 3,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

03-6206 5273

Operating Hours:
11.30am - 3.15pm & 6pm - 10pm.
Monday - Sunday

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