Christmas Cupcakes by Rolling Pin Bakery

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Hello again, after a long time of not updating due to final exams and work in Sony roadshows, I finally have some time to update a review that should have done a pretty long time ago. Anyway, this update will feature cupcakes made by Jolene @ Rolling Pin Facebook. They were recommened by Sycookies from FoodEverywhere and was delivered by Jolene herself. Unfortunately, I was not home at the point of time so my mother had to accept it for me; and I did not get to thank her personally. In conclusion, I would like to thank her again for all the troubles and cupcakes!

A Christmas Tree cupcake!

A box consists of 6 cupcakes

Sycookies and snowman!

For a person like me who do not particularly fancy sweet stuff or cupcakes, these were surprisingly good. The cream frosting or sugar icing used to make the design on the cupcake were acceptable to me. Really cute designs, most of them are posted on her Facebook Page. 

Furthermore, I would like to say that the cupcakes came in 2 different flavours, chocolate and vanilla butter. The cake itself was soft and moist, which is rare nowadays since most cupcakes are usually dry and hard. It was also rich in flavour but not too overpowering which compliments the frosting/icing just right. 

Moreover, the portion that were provided to us was really easy to be eaten. For one reason, the entire cupcake could fit in my mouth. The other reason would be it only took Pig about 3 mouthfuls. Do not worry, they come in 3 sizes which I will write below later.

Last but not least, they're excellent gifts for parties, weddings or even birthdays as their cute and fun design matches the occasion that you are purchasing for. You can check out more of their designs at their Facebook page which will be written below as a compilation of information.

PS: I've tried leaving it in the fridge for a week on the last cupcake, it still tasted really good. 

Further inquiries:
Jolene: 017-309 5020

Sizes available: 
Small - (RM4) 
Medium - (RM5) 
Large - (RM6) 
The cupcakes that I've tried were small. However, prices varies depending on design and proposal. 

Custom order/design: 
Yes (They even have a Lego cupcake!)

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