Fuel Shack @ KLCC Convention Center

3:21:00 PM

For some reason, I've been waiting to try Fuel Shack since ages ago. The pictures and images on the menu of Fuel Shack looks lavishing. The colours and vibrancy attracted my eyes when I first saw it. Now, it looks good, but does it taste as good?

The main entrance located in KLCC Convention Center. There is another one in the KLCC Food Court.

Pepperoni Pizza - RM8.50 per slice

Now, pricing at RM8.50 per slice may seem a little redundant but worry not, the portion was really big. But that was all that it had, size. The tomato sauce were lost underneath all those cheese. Pepperoni was well cooked and flavourful but then again, overpowered by cheese.

Original Shack - RM13

The main reason why I would order this was because of its menu image. If you could see on the first photo up there, they look amazing. Well, I believe we all know that the expectation is different from reality so this was what I got. A 150gram minced beef patty with cheese, tomato, lettuce, pickle and mayonnaise finished with butter toast buns. 

First and foremost, the patty was hard and chewy, almost as if it was processed and not freshly made. The flavour was there but the texture wasn't. Pickles added a hint of sourness which I really enjoy. Overall, it wasn't such a bad burger; it was well flavoured, only the patty was pretty disappointing.

Big Dawg - RM9

Its been some time since I've had hot dog with bolognese sauce. Ordered this because I was craving for it. In short, chicken sausage was soft and mediocre. Bolognese sauce was overpowered by the amount of cheese. Wish they had more bolognese sauce instead of cheese. It was very flat. 

Last but not least, I would like to say that the restaurant wasn't very clean. It was oily and it has flies everywhere. I had to wait a pretty long period of time before I can get my food when the amount of customers was minimal. Its an okay place to go but for me, I will never return.


Lot 4, Lower Ground Floor,
KLCC Convention Centre,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre.

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  1. Hi, blogwalking here.

    If wanted wanted to know what your blog is about, just letting them see this post will suffice hahaa. And it suits the url real good too :D


    1. Haha thanks! Will add more fatness to this blog !

  2. whoa, i am hungry till the max after looking at post after post of your food blog!

    1. hahaha! thats good! eat more, eating = happiness!

  3. u know what - after all those visits to standalone burger joints, I don't think I will ever like franchisey ones again. Perhaps the occasional mcds and Wendy's but yeah. nah lol.

    1. Its true. Now Mcd is a "eat just to fill full and dont punch a hole in my wallet" thing....

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