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Ice Lemonade - RM5

A very simple yet delicious drink, the lemonade. The taste of lemon was truly refreshing, the drink itself was fizzy, sweet and sour. I believe that they weren't just using regular carbonated water. It tasted as if there was other elements which I cannot figure out inside as well. In conclusion, its light, refreshing, sweet and sour and rather cheap actually.

Escargot - RM23

Having to pay RM23 for 6 Escargot would seem slightly expensive but for this, I think its fine. The size of each Escargot was surprisingly huge. The flavours was very well balanced, I could taste both the snail and the tomato cheese topping. The baguette on the side were toasted and evenly spread with garlic butter. Lovely.

Fresh Forest Mushroom Soup - RM11.50

One of the best mushroom soup I've tasted. The soup was creamy and rich. It was also consistent and well textured; the mushroom were cut quite nicely as well. It is well seasoned and packed full of flavour. After finishing the soup, I felt even hungrier. Another great appetizer. However, paying RM11.50 for a soup is slightly on the high side.

Spicy Lamb Ranks - RM30

3 pieces of bone, served with spicy gravy, vegetables and fries. First and foremost,. the lamb meat was really tender and juicy. The meat was also packed with flavour without the sauce, which was a good thing. The spicy sauce wasn't all that spicy, only a little. It gave the lamb an extra sweet-spiciness to it. Grilled cuts of vegetables and fries were pretty normal. 

Fresh Water Prawns - RM50-60

Large portion of juicy, tender, meaty fresh water prawns grilled to perfection, served with vegetables. Presentation wise, glorious. The prawns were fresh and packed full of flavour. As you continue chewing, the juices starts flowing. The salad was fresh and crispy served with a little balsamic vineger. I personally think its one of the best dishes in Memphis. 

Panfried Salmon - RM36

An extremely simple dish, nothing really much to ask for. Salmon was pretty fresh, couldn't trace any fishy scent. Well seasoned with salt and pepper topped with vegetables. Overall the dish wasn't to my liking. I really like Salmon but this was just too bland. There wasn't anything special, the only thing that was good was the results of the salmon, not overcooked nor undercooked. Besides that, nothing really that worth it.

Chocolate Lava Cake - RM10.50

Finally, a dessert to end the meal. Loved the chocolate cake. It was warm, smooth, consistent, and bursting with chocolate goodness inside. As you slowly slice open the cake, chocolate blood starts drooling. Ice cream was pretty normal, didn't felt that special. But the overall combination was pretty good. Quite like the results.


D6-7-G, Block 7,
Pusat Perdagangan Dana 1,
Jalan PJU 1A/46,
Ara Damansara,
47301, Petaling Jaya.

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