Salute Dining & Wine @ SS15, Subang Jaya

1:25:00 AM

For some reason, me and Pig decided to try this restaurant located in SS15 Subang Jaya, right infront of Asia Cafe. Before the completion of renovation, we saw the signboard and it somewhat looked rather expensive. Little did we know that this Italian restaurant is actually more budget-like than ever. Costing reasonably at a price for students studying in SS15. 

Some photos of the restaurant. The place was empty, and I do mean empty. There wasn't a single customer during when we enter and throughout out stay. The business was that bad. Not sure what was the reason but nevermind, I shall not judge the food by its number of customers.

Beef Bacon Carbonara - RM12 (set with drinks)

The bacon was rather salty and dry. The spaghetti was really sandy. I personally really didn't like it. The sauce started out really good, but for some reason, as you eat more and more, the sauce starts to taste really salty and over flavoured. Making the dish really, thick and sickening. If it isn't for the price, I would have commented horribly on it. But for RM12, its actually not bad. 6/10.

Chicken Gordon Bleu - RM12 (set with drinks)

The pasta was cooked rather okay, I do not really have complains on that. The chicken however, was really dry inside. The crust wasn't that bad along with the chicken sauce. The tomato sauce however, was quite salty. Overuse of pepper also made it too empowering and it just doesn't feel right. Tomato based sauce should be smooth, tangy and flavourful, not peppery. Again, if it isn't for the price, I would've commented worst. 6.3/10.

Ireland Fries with Curry Tomato - RM5

Fries was horribly oily externally and dry internally. Kinda felt overcooked real bad. Some of the fries was also quite soggy and....soulless. Nevertheless, the sauce was not bad, although I believe that they could improve it. But before improving the sauce, please do increase the quality of the fries. It was disastrous. For RM5, even Mcdonald's fries tastes better.

Salute Dining & Wine,
SS15/8A, Subang Jaya,
Infront of Asia Cafe.

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