BGT Lakeview Restaurant - A Restaurant Not Worth Visiting @ Kelana Jaya (Updated Dec 2016)

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It may seem as if this restaurant offers a stunning space for a romantic dinner. However, I personally advise otherwise. From this photo, which is taken quite nicely by me (I must say - Hohoho), the place is actually fairly decent.

However, some of you might have already read upon the latest update, where many got cheated of their romantic Christmas campaign. One that I believe I should address. 

The outdoor seating area of BGT Lakeview.

To be quite honest, the place at night is nice. However, it appears that the owner had taken matters into her own hands and alter what I've captured here, into something a lot worst. Those decorations and CHAIRS, which were one of the few complains, are nowhere to be found except for those by the lake. 

A move that I find absolutely retarded. If you can't fit that many, don't do it. Not to mention that they'd promoted with another social media agency, which will no doubt be bad for them. 

Signature Wood Fire Oven Durian Pizza - RM35

The durian pizza I had this round was bad. In fact, it was so bad when I pointed out to the owner, she said that she can't control the quality of durians. I then replied saying that she could've increase the amount of durian placed and she said "Are you teaching me how to cook?".

Now wait just a bloody minute. I merely am suggesting a way where you can improve your dish and this is how you reply me? You might as well go fly a cow or something if that is how you plan to run your business. 

Not to mention that you are in the service industry - food for that matter. 

Tortellini Seafood - RM23

As much as it may look well presented on this photo, I've seen what others had shared and believe me when I tell you that a turd would like a whole lot more appetizing than this. To be fair, when I had it, it was decent. But from what I saw and heard, you are better off with a can of tuna. 

Amori di mare - RM20

Not sure about this one but I believe you won't be getting any prawns or mussels. That is again, what I believe and depict through photos from customers. 

Grilled Salmon with Rucola - RM46

This honestly was quite good, but again, I'm sure they screwed it up. It's either they shortchanged you on the vegetables or the weight of the salmon has been decreased. If not, perhaps they just screw the dish as a whole. Might as well right?

Kim Yang Lamb Cutlets - RM55

Now this was certainly my favourite. I loved the taste and bite of this dish. However, one must realised that by now, they've pretty much screwed everything up if it isn't a review done by us or any other media agencies. 

It's either a decrease in lamb portion, or simply no tomatoes. I don't know, perhaps I'll go Google it out later. 

Fish Burger - RM21

Fish burger? Nope. I'm not going into that. Might as well let it continue to swim in the ocean. 

Pure gimmick - don't bother. They all taste the same with none of them being any different. 


Here is the story if you are wondering. 

I know it's our job to take good photos of food but when it comes to something as serious as this, I feel that it's wrong. You can't expect to serve something entirely different from what you've served us. It may not look identical, but it should look somewhat like the photos. Saying that it's pure advertising is just cowturd. 

*Photos taken from the original poster's Facebook page, and some from the comments. Only for this section, the rest is taken by me. 


You might as well not visit. 

Oh, the Facebook page has been shut down as well. 



I've reviewed here twice, with the first time being pretty decent and the second time being rubbish. These are my honest thoughts and I'll be fair, some of what they served, or at least what I had were good. It is the fact that the lady boss is over her head or simply unaware of how to run a business properly that this case happened.

This review was done roughly a year ago in 2015 and now in 2016, I'm updating it again.

I can't be sure if they have closed down after that case, but this review serves as an honest reminder to not visit that place.

I also claim that everything written here is purely my personal preference. You can choose to believe it or otherwise. Once again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

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  1. I always think of trying but worry maybe the lake smells. After today better don't go. Else like u say rather let the fish swim. Lol

    1. ahahaaha. u can go try the secrets to lousiana next door. that one quite good. owner also more friendly.