My top 3 Western Restaurants in KL – A Western Point of view

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Hello, this blog post will not be from my point of view but an individual by the name of Marta Valez, who is Portuguese residing here in Malaysia. It is quiet an interesting read. This blog post will be, as mentioned on the title, her top 3 favourite western restaurants in Kuala Lumpur.

My top 3 Western Restaurants in KL – A Western Point of view
My name is Marta, I am Portuguese and I have been living in Kuala Lumpur for the past three months! One of my favorite things of being abroad is to try different types of food but I can never forget my roots and although I love the food in Malaysia I can’t avoid going to a Western restaurant every once in a while! How do I find so many amazing restaurants? What really helped me were online platforms like VibeHero and Facebook Groups (there are a LOT), you just have to spend some minutes researching!
In here I will give you my list of my top 3 favorites so far:

You know the typical expression (that also named a movie) “La Vita es Bella”, well in Ciccio life get definitely more beautiful! Italians are magicians when it comes to food. I have been in Italy and learned how to cook with Italians (I am completely addicted!!!). Being able to serve good Italian food in a foreign country it’s a pretty hard task (believe me) but Ciccio does a pretty competent job!  

Start with a “Prosciutto e Melone”, a real classic. Translating literally it means Italian ham with melon but it is much more than that: the combination of the salty ham with the sweetness of the melon makes it irresistible, perfect to open the appetite; if you are a cheese-lover (I admit that I am) you cannot miss the “Caprese”, the mozzarella buffalo will melt in your mouth!

Are you a fan of pasta? Are you more a Seafood kind of person? Don’t worry, you will find it in Ciccio’s! My personal choice is the “Gnocchi al gorgonzola”, super typical Italian kind of potato dumplings with a strong presence of gorgonzola, another amazing cheese! And let’s not forget about the Pizzas, “In Italy eat Pizza”. I know it will be hard to choose!(just give up and go there a lot of times!!)

End your meal with some Italian Gelato (ice-cream) and maybe a typical grappa to help digesting! If you fancy wine this is also the good place for you! Grazi Mille Ciccio, you brought me back to Italy (and how I missed it)!!

15, Changkat Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur
Mon - Sun : 17:00-00:00

La Bodega – Tapas y Vinos
I lived in Spain for several years and I cannot deny: Tapas are on the top of my preferences. I love the concept:  as you order different types of food, you taste several different things in the same meal and the best thing? It is as much about food as the social experience. Go there when you have time to enjoy!

Visiting La Bodega brought me the closest I was from Spain since I am in Asia. Starting with “La tortilla”, also known as Spanish omelet and we get an instant journey to the Spanish “barrios”. The bread was exceptional as well as the side sauces available: ali oli (mayonnaise with garlic Spanish style) and olive paste (an amazing mixture of sweet and sour).  This restaurant offers a wide range of cuisines, from Italian to more local gastronomy but you can never go wrong with Spanish tapas, their specialty. The chicken croquets (Spanish fried roll) also deserve five stars. For wine fans it is hard to ask for better. The wine menu offers a wide range of different types of wine, going from South America to Australia.

The environment in the restaurant is close and personal, especially if you choose a table inside, perfect for an intimate dinner with friends or who knows a more romantic night.

Lot C3.06.00, Level 3 Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur
Mon - Sun : 08:00-02:00

My last choice is more adequate for a special occasion (I celebrated my birthday here with a small group of friends). Do you already have a place to celebrate your birthday? Where will you spend your “one year” marriage anniversary? Do it here! Nothing is more intimate then French food or gourmet wouldn’t be a French word.

They have an exceptional talent of combining typical French cuisine with modern/fusion gastronomy and the cozy atmosphere only makes it better. There are some musts you cannot miss here: the famous “Foies gras” is served in the right proportion and brings you a real European taste. You don’t believe me? Close your eyes and try it. (Sing a long in your head “la vie en rose”, it was never this easy to go to France!!).

My all-time favorite (and one of my favorite dishes here in KL so far) is the Roasted French Hake Fish, it is so perfect that it makes it hard to describe. Like typical French this is more a tasting concept which means that the portions are always small and always with an artistic component (the dishes literally look that they just gone out of a food magazine). Come here when celebrating, come here to taste and come here for an extraordinary gastronomic experience!

Unit A4-0-5, Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur
Tue,Wed : 09:00-18:00, Thu - Sat : 09:00-23:00

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