Dinner in Burger.IT @ 3 Two Square, PJ

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It has been awhile since I've last updated. The following will be me and Pig's experience in Burger.IT located in Petaling Jaya, near Nadeje Crepe. Directions were rather confusing, but the place wasn't that hard to find. The first time we went visited Nadeje (about a month ago), we passed by Burger.IT, but during that time, there wasn't any customers and we weren't brave enough to try it. However, a lot has changed and few of our friends asked us to try it out. So we did.

Burger.IT stands for Burger.Italian, which I thought otherwise. The restaurant includes 2 different section, the burger side and the regular Italian food side. Which in this case, I do not know what for, since we sat at the regular Italian side anyway. The place was rather warm and cozy. The interior is similar to some restaurants or cafe that I've been to when I was in London. The place was really comfortable in terms of temperature. Where we sat, it wasn't too hot nor was it too cold. The simple interior doesn't hurt my eyes as well.

The menu was really cute. The burgers were named after a city or state in Italy. Didn't realise it till I had to jot down some notes. The restaurant has almost no sauce available on the table, just some black pepper, salt and Tabasco sauce. There is no ketchup or chilli sauce anywhere. Furthermore, the kitchen is pretty open and the chef in charge is a Chinese old man. So I can assume he is pretty skilled? Lol

The interior.

"I see what you did there" =D

A glass of hot water.

The Milano. A combination of beef patty, beef salami, Fontina cheese, roasted zucchini, mustard & Parmesan served with sliced fried potatoes, similar to wedges.The burger tasted rather clean instead of sloppy and flavourful. 

The beef was cooked just right and maintained its juices. The veggies were really crispy and the sauce was able to balanced out the flavours. The buns were really thick, but soft. It was quite a chew. Having said that, the burger was really good. It differs from Burgertory or Fat Boys, which flavours were rather empowering. The burgers served in Burger.IT were really clean and simple, much like a club sandwich. 

The sliced potatoes were really good. Personally, I favour potatoes so much that even a simple fried potato would get the job done. Seasoned with a little salt, taste of heaven! The price is RM17.90. Reasonable and affordable. 7.6/10! Highly recommended!

Pig's Palermo! Served with beef patty, cheddar, beef bacon, tomatoes, sauteed chili mushrooms, pink mayonnaise and Parmesan. Comes with side of sliced fried potatoes as well.

Both the Milano and Palermo was quite similar. The only differences was the cheese, mushrooms and sauce. The cheese on the Palermo was stronger. The mushrooms wasn't overpowering the burger unlike most of the mushroom burgers out in the market. The sauce was well balanced and overall, a clean burger as well. Veggies were really fresh and crisp, buns were really soft. 

The price is RM16.90. RM1 cheaper than the Milano, really worth it! 7.7/10! Highly Recommended!

More pictures of the place. Overall, the ambience was good, food was great. Moreover, I forgot to mention that the minute I stepped in the restaurant, a great smell was coming out from the kitchen. It really made my stomach grumble. Fantastic! 

icook Italian Gastronomia & Burger.It,
3 Two Square, Jalan 19/1,
46300, Petaling Jaya,

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